PRODUCTLDI (Laser Direct Image)


About Expro™

  • We have designed it with the basis concept that has been accumulated for years in Printing field.
    It offers the best exposure quality,the best cost performance,easy to use satisfy customers' need.

AJUHITEK orginated D.P.A (Direct Point Array)Technology

  • Realized world Top-class Laser Power
  • High Powered Laser module & MEMS, fiber array design
  • HIgh precise Multi-Laser control design
  • Advanced Image Processing &converting technology

Expro™ Feature

Energy World Top- Class Exposure Power (Conventional DFR used)
eXellent High quality exposure quality (Realized the vivid Laser spot)
Performance Long life span in the Laser source
Constant exposure speed not affected by DFR sensitivity.
Revolution No Shut down when a laser source cut off
(able to exposure without the cut-off laser source)
Opportunity an epoch-making cost performance much lower maintenance cost then competitors.


Productivity comparison by DFR sensitivity

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